Renegade Poetry
Head Meets Iron - Poem

Can’t make an impact

I’m breaking my back

Keep feeling so lost

I can’t get across

I’m feeling so strange

Will things ever change

I’m feeling so weak

Feeling like a freak

Will I ever break through

Too good to be true

Or will I wind up dead

Beating iron with my head


The eternal question why

Penetrating the mind

Until it tears apart

Every brick of reason

That you have built

That formed everything

You have ever known

Yet the world is full of chaos

which brings upon a whole new cycle

Where you can build from all this is broken

By asking yourself

Why not?

This Is How I Comprehend What I Read

Read this article: and then read how I changed it below:,0,4555926.story

In 2005 Saturn’s Enceladus saw water start to roll -  out of “tiger stripe” cracks near its south pole. Scientists thought that could be a sign of a liquid ocean beneath its ice shell, but they really could not tell. Now, with data from Cassini spacecraft, they have found gravitational evidence while they did the math. A lake superior sized sea -  is in the south pole - could it be?.
This discovery, when you cross that line, shows that this tiny place could have some life signs.  

313 miles across, Enceladus is too small and frozen boss, but Connected to saturn and Dione. Encell is not alone. Pulled by both bodies gravity is the reason for the cracks we see
Weren’t sure if it was coming from below or the ice on the surface though.  

Scientists can’t see beneath the thick ice shell of moon we call Encell, One way they can see is by measuring certain points of gravity.. If the gravitation pull gets intense then it means below the surface is very dense; If the tug is weak without a fight then the surface is less dense and light.  

During a series of passes over Encel’s terrain, Cassini measured the moon’s gravity strain using the Doppler radar up high in the stars: The signal stretched and squeezed when the gravity pulled like the breeze.
As Cassini passed over the south pole, the tug from the moon was stronger and that took its toll. Dent in Encel’s bottom so the gravity should be weak,. Not so, which meant there was something dense down below. It had to be water, water is denser than ice, thats why water makes it float so nice.  

“There’s no other reasonable candi-DATE,” said Caltech’s David Stevenson,. “There is rock but that’s not the signal it creates.”
The scientists think there’s a sea that sinks 6 miles down,covered by a shell that covers 25 miles of ground. This could be as large as Lake Superior, based around the south pole, yet it could reach the north a bit as a whole.  possibly a global ocean, at least a regional sea, based on the data from the gravity.  

Encel’s been known to have sodium and a bit of potassium, as well as ammonia and methane inside it’s water vein. being spit out of its south pole. If it has organic molecules, in its layer of water it’s possibly habitable, cool.  

But Bill McKinnon, Washington U in St. Lou, who was not involved, thinks Jupiters Europa is more likely to evolve: It’s more massive, volcanic activity. It also shot water from the south for us to see.  

[For the Record, 1:40 p.m. PST, April 3: Earlier it was stated that you’d need complex molecules, simple molecules would even suffice fool!.]

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Captain Without A Crew - Poem

Even when I manage to keep myself afloat

Something always seems to knock me out of the boat

There are plenty of fish in this massive chaotic sea

Yet there have been no catches yet for me

Somewhere in this lake I took a wrong turn

But I’ve gotten to a point where I no longer feel concerned

Through the most serious storms, I have kept myself alive

Always got back in the boat though I have taken some dives

To be truly enlightened, I could transcend all my pain

But now my boat’s filling with water

Can someone please stop the rain!? ;

german traffic lights in the fog

german traffic lights in the fog

Pretty cool

I have decided in the spirit of tumblr - while I work out the copyright stuff on my book that I will display other works of photography and things that catch my eye. I would post this one as a picture but the site prohibits it. 

Struggle - Poem

Try not to focus

On all of my issues

But there’s a reason

I wear lace-less shoes

I have bad posture

I can’t keep it straight

I would fix it all

To be there for you

Whatever happens

To be there with open arms

When life’s attacking

I’ll try to disarm

I see you smile

I defy gravity

Like an addiction

Such an amazing feel

There’s no delusions

There is no fantasy

See my reflection

Yet I fight reality;

Dear Cinderella - Poem

Love is fragile like a glass slipper
If you aren’t careful it will break,
In a moment that dream could end,
When you realize you’re awake,

Better hurry, for your chariot awaits,
Time slips away, then it’s too late,

The wicked people in this world,
Will try to keep you from your dreams,
They’ll take your beautiful dress
Then rip it seam from seam,

To be the one with that glass slipper,
O’ the things that I would do,
Yet I hope you find your Prince someday,
I hope all your dreams will come true;